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Top 5 Benefits of Automated Software Testing

Automated vs Manual testing has always been a point of debate among software professionals. Most of us realize the utilities of both, but the confusion stems from the extent of automated testing for your software. Here, we make a case for intelligently deployed automated software testing and its benefits.

The point is,

It is quickly becoming necessary for micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to automate their testing processes. It becomes all the more vital while focusing on development of their online services and e-commerce operations. Failing this, SMEs would face a situation where they may be unable to deal with the expenses incurred due to performance issues and service delays.

Top 5 Benefits of Automation Testing:

Test Automation is essentially using code to create programs that perform automated tests for your software. The way this is different from manual testing is, instead of actually performing the test, one creates an automated testing scenario and supervises it. Test automation is extensively used for regression testing, which seeks out new bugs in a program and separates them. Regression tests are generally extremely tedious and time consuming. Here is where automated tests come in and make life easy for a software testing professional.

The best part is here,

Faster Feedback (As fast as it can)

Automated testing comes as a relief for validation during various phases of a software project. This improves communication among coders, designers and product owners, and allows potential glitches to be immediately rectified. Automated testing assures higher efficiency of the development team.

Upgradation and Reusability (Reuse everything)

One of the best aspects of test automation is that the testing software is reusable. Not only that, but with every new test and every new bug discovery, the testing software directory can be upgraded and kept up-to-date. Thus, even though one of the main criticisms against test automation is the expense, one has to realize that automation software is a long lasting, reusable product which can justify itscost.

Reduced Business Expenses (Goal is here)

It is of no surprise that, while the initial investment may be on the higher side, automated testing saves companies many a penny. This is predominantly due to the sharp drop in the amount of time required to run tests. It contributes to a higher quality of work, thereby decreasing the necessity for fixing glitches after release and reduces project costs.

Consistency (Keeping everything on track)

Test automation provides a consistent platform for your testing needs. The tests for which automation is usually deployed are extremely tedious. Automation drastically reduces the margin of error in the testing scenario by going through pre-recorded instructions. Regression tests verify whether the pre-existing functionalities are suited for new versions, which is critical when new development in the existing software takes place. This novel consistency provides a much needed reliability for your testing protocols.

Information Security (Your’s is Secured Enough)

The effectiveness of testing will be largely dependent on the quality of the test data you use. Manually creating quality test data takes time and as a result testing is often performed on copies of live databases. Automation solutions can help with creating, manipulating and protecting your test database, allowing you to re-use your data time and again. The time and cost savings in this area are potentially huge.

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