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Selenium Web Driver vs Selenium RC - Important differences need to know

One of the important question which hits mostly everyone in testing field. But guys be ready this is gonna be a kicker! This is not an official page which splits the page into two to show the difference between them instead let’s have a detailed study.

The best part is here;

The remaining part of the article will clear all your doubts between Selenium Web Driver and Selenium RC.

Where the difference lies?

There are many differences between these two, but the major difference lies in their architecture.
How they both interacting with the browser is the main factor here,

I hope you checked my previous tutorial about Selenium Web Driver, If not please click the link here Selenium Web Driver Architecture!!

Here’s is the point;

SeleniumWebDriver interacts with the browser directly. It doesn’t require any server to communicate with the browser instead it uses the browser’s native support for automation.

For running a test in Firefox it will directly uses Firefox drive to automate the test!!!

It gets better;

Because of this it provides the interaction with the browser than Selenium RC. Also regarding APIs everything is object oriented which makes the stuffs easier.

Selenium RC stands for Selenium Remote Control which connects with the browser with a help of HTTP Proxy, It also have a server which connects which is coded in Java which  acts as HTTP Proxy.

The server translate the command received over  HTTP into Javascript and ‘injected’ javascript functions into the browser when the browser was loaded and then used its javascript to drive the AUT within the browser,Not much Object Oriented.

Other 3 Important differences are explained here -> Selenium Web Driver vs Selenium RC


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