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Selenium vs QTP - Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Selenium vs QTP – Top 5 Comparison between Selenium and QTP Selenium vs QTP which is the better automation framework, which one to choose is the question which strikes mostly all software testers. Here are the comparison highlights between Selenium and QTP.
Here is the solution;

Comparison between Selenium and QTP:
Tool Download:
Selenium: It is an open source tool which is ultimately free of cost and does not requires any license. Can able to download onlineSelenium Installation Guide.
QTP: It requires license to use the tool and it is very expensive.
Test Applications:
Selenium: It is used to test web based applications.
QTP: QTP can be used to test both web based application and client server applications.
Integrated Development Environment:
Selenium: Selenium has the facility to use wide range of IDEs – Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans.
QTP: Tests can only be developed specific QTP IDE
Selenium: Selenium supports different programming languages such as JAVA, Microsoft .NET, Perl, PH…

Exception Handling - What is Exception - How to Handle Exception

Exception is mainly an issue which may be anything which particularly stops the execution of the process. In normal terms “an error which interrupts the program or application which blocks its functionality”.
It is meant to be Handled;
As explained above it is to be handled on priority, because when an exception occurs the overall progress of the program gets terminated and it stops the result too. The occurrence of the exception is depends on the program which may be either at the run time or during the execution time.
Ever worried about “Why it occurs”
Exception is an abnormal condition, hence there is no certain reasons to note the occurrence of it, lemme share few situations here, if opening a file which is not present, memory error and many.
Here is the best thing”
As denoted above Exceptions are conditions within the code. Hence a developer can able to handle the exceptions and take necessary actions.

Difference between Exception and Error:
Exception: Itoccurs w…

Google's Top Ranking Site for Selenium Testing Training

Hi dears, 
         Happy to see you all after a long gape through this post, I like to apologize for the delay.Let me come to the point usually before posting selenium tutorials I used to do a detailed study in that topic which I selected both in practical and theoretical way. While doing that I did noticed a site namedCREDO SYSTEMZ
It looks very professional  I did browsed the whole page they been doing a great stuff in providing Software training in Chennai for both professionals and beginners in many field
But here’s the kicker:
Their Selenium page consists of many details, I can definitely assure that all the topics they shared looks ultimately well cooked. The list of Selenium Training Topics is the one which amazes me!!
I’m sure it can’t be done by some with mere experience in the field. They all are looks very much updated and up to date with my knowledge. It seems they be also providing FREE pdf of those interesting SELENIUM topics.

Want to know the best part?
As I said above …

Identifying Web Elements using CSS Selector in Selenium Scripts

Identifying Web Elements using CSS Selector in Selenium Scripts

How to use CSS Selector as Locator:
What is CSS Selector ?
                 CSS Selector is combination of an element selector and a selector value which identifies the web element within a web page. The composite of element selector and selector value is known as Selector Pattern.
CSS Primitive Types

Here are the Tricks to do it,
Read the full Tutorial here - CSS Selectors in Selenium Scripts

Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities

Roles n Responsibilities of any automation tester depends upon many factors like team size, budget of project, availability of resources etc it may vary every now n then. But I have tried to highlight them here.

Obviously, test automation is not just programming. If you do not have enough skills (yet) to automate focus on other things you can contribute on this Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities
Top 10 Selenium Tester Responsibilities: Understanding Selenium Test Life CycleKnowledge in Selenium Tools such as Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver & Selenium GridGood Knowledge in Understanding Selenium Commands – SeleneseIdea in Test Case PrioritizationBetter knowledge in Designing the Test Data Properly
Check the remaining5 Selenium Tester Responsibilities

Selenium Commands - Understanding the Selenese

Selenium Commands
Selenese or Selenium Commands – One of the important topic in Selenium that every tester must be clear about this one.
#5th Post in the Series of Selenium Tutorials – Previously we had discussed  about  the basics of Selenium, Please check previous two, before going further Basics of Selenium – A TrendingSoftware Testing FrameworkComponents of Selenium

Selenese: Selenese is the set of Selenium commands which are used to test web applications. The Selenium commands are used to tell the Selenium Automation engine to perform specific tasks.
This Selenium set is categorized into 3 types,
They are as follows, ActionsAccessorsAssertions

Please Click here for Detailed  Understanding of Selenium Commands.

Installation of Selenium IDE - Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Installation of Selenium IDE – Thanks for the reviews for my previous posts, as per the request I had received from beginners here I’ll explain about the Installation of Selenium IDE, Please check the previous tutorials about Basics of Selenium and Top 5 FAQs in Selenium and Components of Selenium before go forward. Here is the step by step guide to Install Selenium IDE.
What you need?
The following are the stuffs, you need to install Selenium ·An Internet connection·Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:
Using your Mozilla Firefox browser open this official Selenium IDE download link:

Step 2: ·Click on “Allow” if security alert displays while downloading. 
Restart the browser once all the files are Installed SuccessfullyLaunch the Selenium IDE Steps to Launch Selenium IDE 1.UseCtrl+Atl+S2.Firefox Menu  > Web Developer>  Selenium IDE 

Selenium IDE Launch Screen:
Selenium IDE was successfully launched. 
Know more : Selenium Tutorials and Training

Top 5 FAQs in Selenium - A Portable Software Testing Framework

What is Selenium?
Selenium is a Software Testing Frameworkwhich is designed for Web applications, the main feature of Selenium is it is Portable. Selenium doesn’t need any test scripting language because the framework itself provides the option for record/playback. Here is theBasics of Selenium Testing.
What is meant by Selenium WebDriver?
WebDriver is a tool which is used to automate the web application testing, in other words – it is used to verify the test as expected. Selenium WebDriver is a open source APIs (Application Program Interface) which supports different browsers.
What is the use of Selenium RC?
Selenium Remote Control is a test tool which is used to write automated test applications in any programming language which can run against any HTTP websites in any JavaScript enabled browsers.
What is the Framework for Selenium?
The most popular framework which is widely accepted framework developed using Selenium is SAF. It is used to shrink both the test cycle and related costs.

Components of Selenium - Tutorial 2 - Series of Selenium Tutorial

Components of Selenium – Before entering into the tutorial I like to welcome you all to this second post in the series of Selenium tutorials.
 I hope you all had read the first post which describes about the Basics of Selenium.
Lets Begin,
What are Selenium Components ??
As we all already discussed about  What is selenium? And Who named it as selenium?  Here let me straightly move to the components of Selenium, Selenium a portable Software Testing Framework is composed of several components, Each of that component takes a specific role in functioning the complete web application test automation.
They are, ·Selenium IDE·Selenium Client API·Selenium Remote Control·Selenium WebDriver·Selenium Grid

The Description:
Selenium IDE:

Selenium IDE – where the IDE stands for Integrated Selenium Environment designed for Selenium Tests. It is just an firefox add-on which is used to record, edit and also debug the tests.  
Selenium Client API:

Selenium Client APIas already mentioned in previous Seleniu…