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Basics of Selenium - A Trending Software Testing Framework

Selenium – The Beginning    Introduction:           Selenium one of the best trending testing framework in Software testing field, It’s the best time to learn Selenium for beginners and also for professional testers who are looking for a shift in their field. Here lets see a series of Selenium tutorial which covers all the stuffs from basics to expert level.
Fun to Learn
What is Selenium? A portable software testing framework designed for web applications, It consists of many fantastic features which makes it easier and simple to learn. It provides a record and playback tool for authoring tests from this there is no need to learn Selenium IDE (test scripting language).
There is also no need for confusion about which language to learn, 
Why it is so??
Here is the solution;
Selenium also provides a test domain specific language which helps to write the tests in a number of programming languages, that includes C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala.
Some other amazing feature;