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Installation of Selenium IDE - Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Installation of Selenium IDE – Thanks for the reviews for my previous posts, as per the request I had received from beginners here I’ll explain about the Installation of Selenium IDE, Please check the previous tutorials about Basics of Selenium and Top 5 FAQs in Selenium and Components of Selenium before go forward. Here is the step by step guide to Install Selenium IDE.

What you need?

The following are the stuffs, you need to install Selenium
  • ·        An Internet connection
  • ·        Mozilla Firefox

Step 1:

Using your Mozilla Firefox browser open this official Selenium IDE download link:

Step 2:
  • ·        Click on “Allow” if security alert displays while downloading. 

  •      Restart the browser once all the files are Installed Successfully
  •           Launch the Selenium IDE
Steps to Launch Selenium IDE
  • 1.         Use Ctrl+Atl+S
  • 2.         Firefox Menu  > Web Developer>  Selenium IDE 

Selenium IDE Launch Screen:

Selenium IDE was successfully launched. 


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