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Selenium vs QTP - Comparison between Selenium and QTP

Selenium vs QTP – Top 5 Comparison between Selenium and QTP
Selenium vs QTP which is the better automation framework, which one to choose is the question which strikes mostly all software testers. Here are the comparison highlights between Selenium and QTP.

Here is the solution;

Comparison between Selenium and QTP:

Tool Download:

Selenium: It is an open source tool which is ultimately free of cost and does not requires any license. Can able to download onlineSelenium Installation Guide.
QTP: It requires license to use the tool and it is very expensive.

Test Applications:
Selenium: It is used to test web based applications.
QTP: QTP can be used to test both web based application and client server applications.

Integrated Development Environment:
Selenium: Selenium has the facility to use wide range of IDEs – Visual Studio, Eclipse, Netbeans.
QTP: Tests can only be developed specific QTP IDE

Selenium: Selenium supports different programming languages such as JAVA, Microsoft .NET, Perl, PHP.
QTP: It only supports VB Script

Object Repository:
Selenium: Selenium doesn’t have any build-in object repository. The objects here are managed by using UI element user extension.
QTP: It have a build-in object repository. Development and maintenance is simple in HP UFT.

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