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Future of Selenium Automation Testing - Reason to Learn Selenium

Automated testing is replacing the manual process gradually as it increases effectiveness as well as efficiency. In this regard, the Selenium Automation Testing has become popular with the developers. Selenium is an open source tool that receives huge support from the developers. Learn Selenium Automation Tool from experts.

Selenium - Open Source Tool

In fact, in the recent years, it has developed as a popular automation testing tool as organizations are increasingly adopting it as software testing tools commercially. The major factor why it is so popular is because of the cost. Enterprises today are opting for cutting costs.

Under such circumstances, Selenium proves to be a better tool when compared to the costlier ones. Open source is always a cost effective, long term solution even if it comes with a steep learning curve. Free Selenium Tutorials for Beginners

Selenium – The King of Future Automation Testing

There are various reasons why the future of Selenium looks quite promising. Every organization is looking forward to optimize the feel, look as well as performance of the apps in order to deliver an impressive user experience. In this regard, Selenium testing is perfect.

Free and open source:

It was released under Apache 2.0 license by ThoughtWork. Therefore, the framework is open source and it is conveniently downloaded by the users. Moreover, there are no fees to be paid. Its free nature aids in cutting down the testing costs. It can be easily accessed by small, medium as well as large companies as well as independent quality analysts.

OS and Web Browser support:

For the web apps it is necessary to run across all the browsers as well as the operating systems. This is required to keep the visitors engaged. The professionals need tools that will enable them to evaluate the app performance quickly on the popularly used browsers. It presently supports Firefox, IE and Chrome. 

The web browsers can be launched simply and then run the tests. For recording and playing back the test scripts Mozilla Firefox can be used. Various operating systems this framework is suitable too, including, Linux, Windows, Solaris and OS X.

Selenium IDE comes to rescue:

There are advanced tools in the Selenium IDE that enables the professionals to record, edit and debug the tests. There is no need of any extra effort. There are tools that might test the web application tests. There are options where the test scripts are manually edited to optimize the test management. The auto completion features can be used to edit the test scripts and proceed with the command.

Selenese – the programming language:

The language in which test scripts are written is called Selenese. However, the testers can choose to write the scripts by choosing a language of their choice as well. Various programming languages, like, Java, Ruby, Perl, C#, PHP, Python, etc are also supported by Client API. Hence, the professionals can choose the client API keeping in tandem with their programming language. 

Proper support and documentation:

Proper training is required for the professionals when they migrate to the new web application. Adequate documentations are provided with its tools. Therefore, the professionals can use the guide to comprehend the functioning of the tools. If you are working with Selenium IDE then you will find complete functional references to which the testers can refer to. In addition there are several organizations that provide support related to this software tool to the clients.

Foot Notes

In addition to these, the companies also have the choice to choose from an array of Selenium components keeping in sync with the requirements of the web applications. Besides the Client API and IDE, the professionals can also make use of Selenium Remote Control.

Finally, the greatest strength of this automated testing lies in its flexibility. There are several ways in which new functionalities can be added to the framework as well as the test scripts. This kind of customization popularizes its usage. Being open source, it can be downloaded and modified anytime. Thus, as far as the near future is concerned, it is here to stay. To get maximum benefits of testing, you may consider hiring services of a selenium web testing company.

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